Saturday, July 28, 2007

Handy Manny, get yer' ass over here.
¡Pronto muchacho!

You know who is a freaking idiot? Not Handy Manny, he is almost a god in this house.

Nope, the jack-ass who decided that it was a good idea for our clothes dryer to be vented 15 feet through the attic, requiring 5 90 degree turns in the duct work. The outside wall of the house is less than three feet away, it surely would have been easier to blow the exhaust out there.

I just spent the better part of two hours ripping into walls and repairing the duct work. It must have worked for a while, but judging by the amount of lint that I got out of the duct work, our 25 year old house hasn't been putting a lot of dryer lint into the environment. I believe there was at least 19 years and 7 months worth of dryer lint clogging the line.

And how does one figure out they have a clogged dryer vent? Simple, we replaced our dryer last week. And the new $600 machine wasn't working worth a damn. Now I feel a little silly about setting our old one out at the curb so quickly.

But I only feel a little bad, because that old dryer squeaked and squealed something awful. It is kind of nice to have a nice quite dryer now. Big bonus if it will actually dry the damn clothes!

I just realized, it must be summer, 'cause it was HOT out there. And I usually enjoy getting to use the reciprocating saw to rip holes in walls. But not so much today. Maybe I just REALLY enjoy cutting into other people's walls...

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Leighton @ My Best Investments said...

Our dryer is vented into the garage, which is not good at all. Even though there's a trap at the end of the duct to catch all the lint, some lint still gets through, making the garage a linty mess.

And we usually have to run each load through the dryer twice to get it dry.

I hope you can teach that new dryer who's boss!