Saturday, October 23, 2004

Amazing Blue Catfish

After the funeral, we headed over to Ma Ma's farm. I wanted to take a little walk around and show The Boss Lady the property. Unfortunately it rained enough to float another Ark last night, so we only walked a little of the property. Then we rode up to the tank to feed the catfish.

This is quiet a thing to see. You should try it sometime. The catfish come to the surface and swim around with their mouths open, sucking in the food pellets that are floating on the surface. Once they get a mouthful, they submerge. The Talker stared at the water for a while and then announced "That's Amazing!"

Once home, he kept reminding me about the catfish. "They were blue. They were BIG fish." I guess my boy really is growing up, though, because not once did he ask about the dogfish, like he did when we were checking out the aquarium at Bass Pro Shops.

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