Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Garlic For My Kids, and a Muzzle For Yours

While a the park this morning, with a SAHDs playgroup, The Talker was bitten. TWICE! To be fair, it was two different kids and they are both younger than The Talker, but dang...

The first time, The Talker gave up the toy that the other kid wanted, and he cried a little. The second time, he wailed! When I picked him up, he whispered to me, "I wanna go home." So we took our toys and went home.

Hopefully, the other dads will get a handle on the biting thing. I imagine they were puzzled when we left so quickly. I was not really mad, I know that kids do stuff like that. But I thought it was really important that The Talker know that his daddym is sympathetic. He wanted to leave, so we left, no questions asked.

Now, I just hope that no one decides to try out their vampire skills on The Talker when the entire group comes to play at our house, Friday morning. 'Cause if The Talker gets bit, and he decides to duct-tape the offenders mouth shut, I think I'll just have to stand back and watch. And I'll cut the tape for him.

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