Monday, October 25, 2004

Pictures are for Looking, NOT for Eating!

IF your two and a half-year old has been given an inkjet-printed picture of one of his friends and he has left the picture laying around in the living room, AND your six-month old daughter rolls to the picture and EATS it, while you are trying to fix your lunch, don't worry. I can save you the call to 1 800 222-1222, also know as Poison Control.

Cause this is what they are going to tell you:

Wipe her mouth out with a wet rag

Wipe any ink off of her hands and face

Try to feed her or give her water (Hopefully, she did not just finish eating a HUGE meal before partaking of her photographic dessert)

Watch her closely for any hives or allergic reactions for 24 hours

Call back if she breaks out or if she runs a fever

AND be glad that it was only an inkjet print, because photo lab prints are worse!

Seriously, though, DON'T TAKE MY WORD for it. If it happens to you, call 1 800 222-1222. I promise, they will not laugh at you.

And please move the pictures off of the floor before you let your daughter roll around!

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