Monday, October 25, 2004

I am a Freecycler

Last week, there was an article about Freecycling in our local paper. They gave the web site to join the local freecycle chat list, hosted on Yahoo groups. The basic idea sounded great to me. Get rid of stuff that you would likely throw away, without asking for cash or get stuff without shelling out cash.

Within 5 days of signing up, I have gotten rid of a queensized mattress, boxspring and frame, that had been stored in the garage for 3 months or more and today I found someone who wants the left over wood from The Talker's play-deck project.

I was just waiting to throw them away during the next big trash pick-up, so I am glad this stuff will get more use. The only problem, no one has posted that they need to get rid of a bass boat, yet...


SparkyDiva said...

you crack me up! keep writing!

Rick said...

Huntsville has a freecycle yahoo group too. That is how I got rid of the bed liner and tool box that came with my '72.