Monday, October 11, 2004

Dads Daily Costco Run

This morning, The AtHomeTrio was moving in slow gear. We needed to stop at the appliance parts store after 10am, and I did not feel like driving 40 minutes across town to meet the dad's group at the Monday park playdate.

We ended up cruising Costco with another SAHD. He was buying, we were just walking, since we shopped at Costco over the weekend. The Talker and his buddy had fun running around the store and The Princess rode around in the cart like she was in a one girl parade. We bought some cinnamon raisin bagels and The Talker and I chowed down as soon as we got in the car. We stopped at my old recreation center, on the way to the parts shop. I forgot that kids were out of school, so we split quickly when the playscape was crowded.

One of the luxuries of being home with the kids full-time is the ability to hit popular play spots when the crowds are thin. The down side, I don't know if The Talker will ever go to the best parks on a Saturday.

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