Friday, October 29, 2004

Our Day, at a Glance

Since I can't remember the funny story from this morning, I will take the opportunity to show you what a typical day is like with The AtHomeTrio.

AtHomeDaddy - up at 6:55
The Talker - up at 7:15 to watch the end of Sesame Street and eat Spiderman cereal!
The Princess - up at 7:35

8:00 The Talker watches DragonTales on PBS
8:15 Chow time for The Princess
8:30 Backyard time. She swings, He goes nuts, I scoop poop
10:15 Puzzles and books for him, She rolls on the rug
11:15 Chow time for The Princess and Lunch for The Talker
11:30 Run to the store for Halloween costume ears and tail
12:30 Nap time for The Princess and Lazytown for him
1:00 The boy and I play cars and trucks in the living room
1:05 Naptime for The Talker
1:07 She is up (No rest for Daddy, today [or lunch])
1:15 Chow time for The Princess
1:30 The Talker is still awake, playing in his room
2:00 The Talker is still awake, but in bed
2:15 That boy is determined not to nap today
2:20 He is asleep (Thanks to my buddy, Mr Benadryl)
3:00 She is asleep again (Thanks to Mr Infant Drugs)
3:02 AtHomeDaddy mows the front yard
3:40 Back in the house, before the pediatric drugs wear off.
3:41 She wakes up to the sound of my butt hitting the couch.
3:42 She practices rolling, and balancing things on her head
4:20 The Boss Lady is home
4:25 The Benadryl wears off, The boy awakes
5:30 Mowing the backyard
6:30 Neighborhood playtime at The AtHomeFamily Compound.

The timeline might be a little off, but this is a pretty good snapshot of our day. Scary, isn't it? And the worst part, I never did remember The Talker's witty comment...


Rick said...

Oh Nervous night!

"... looked him the eye, Let my people go!"

"I'm working hard to pay the rent,
and support my goverment,
building highways and railroad tracks..."

"And they danced,
Like a wave on the ocean..."

I have a cassette of an album they made before they became really big Hooters, I mean, before they be made it big.

Miki said...

Oh my! I ran across this blog and it looked interesting. I admire any parent who commits themself to be a "stay-at-home." But as I scrolled down to look at the events in your I noticed you gave your child Benadryl to get him to sleep! Do you realize you drugged your child? Do you realize that can can kill a child? I give you props for doing the most rewarding and the most diffcult job. And by far the most important job. But shame on you for drugging your child to sleep. *tsk,tsk*

Mike said...

Get a freaking life...

I gave my kid benadryl because he has allergies, and I gave him the appropriate dose. It is only a bonus that he sleeps. Shut up and go away! But thanks for the blog fodder.

Lucidream said...

Does that blogger have kids??? Maybe she should read a Benedryl give a kid enough to kill them you would have to give them alot..okay well it is obvious that I have been known to give my kid Benedryl mabye once or twice in thier life but excuse me for saying Kudos to the At Home Daddy who obviously puts alot of love and effort into his kids...the battle of the nap as I well know it can be an arduious one..especially when you know for a fact that if the little one doesn't take a nap he/she will be so cranky by 4 pm that they will be constantly crying and throwing a fit for the rest of the evening..not to mention the fact that when they are so tired and have completely lost all hold of composing theirself and then they cannot go to sleep altogether...Oh whoa is me for I have experienced that nightmare more than once on occassion and I am sure that I havent been the only parent to ask themselves..Where the heck is that Benedryl..(or at least thought it). Face the wrath of a child with no nap and you would be asking the same thing...Hang in there Daddy you are doing a great job!!!

Mike said...


Thanks for the affirmation I assume that if The Boy is not sleeping well, then something is wrong. (as in, he might be getting sick). I know how my son sleeps when he feels good and I know how he sleeps when he feels sick. I know this because I have spent almost every hour with him since he was 8 months old. That is why I feel qualified to decide when he needs medications.