Sunday, October 31, 2004

Halloween Night Fun

The AtHomeFamily is headed to the southside of town to trick-or-treat with My So Called Aunt, Uncle Lemon and their kids (and dogs and cats). These guys live in a neighborhood that gets flooded with trick-or-treaters from all over town; unlike our neighborhood, where we might see ten kids at our door.

The Talker has been ready to go since 9pm last night. On the way to church this morning, he was begging to skip out and head straight to the candy-fest. When we headed home, he was upset because he knew we were going the wrong way. And he REALLY did not want to nap since he might sleep through the fun.

So in a few minutes I will wake him from his non-drug induced sleep, and we will cruise the cousin's neighborhood for the best candy in town. Be watching for pics to be posted soon of the Scary Purple Dragon and Olivia the Pig. The costumes are awesome. The Boss Lady outdid herself this year and it only took until 10pm last night to finish The Princess' costume.

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