Monday, October 04, 2004

Off to See The Queen

The kids and I are heading out to the country to visit The Queen Mother and Dad. They are only an hour away, visiting my grandmother. The last time I took the kids out to the farm I had a flat tire and a dead battery on the way home. But, My So Called Aunt was with us, so the car problems were easier to deal with. She kept the kids entertained and I kept the cussing outside of the car. That fun excursion was well documented earlier. Go here to read the original version of the story.

Today, We venture forth unassisted. Because we are daring adventurers, we will once again be taking the Windstar. Though this time it is riding on four new tires and has a brand new battery.

You say that is not risky enough? Have you ever taken a 5 month old baby way from her milk production facility (aka The Boss Lady) for 15 hours? Yeah, I thought not.

So sit down and shut up.

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