Friday, September 17, 2004

Dang It Rick, Cut It Out

Did I ever tell you why I hate Mazda Miatas? Rick and his toy car are really starting to wear me out. A while back his Miatapox ended up costing me a new paintjob on The Boss Lady's car. Now that dang topless car has done it again. Four new tires for the Miata ended up costing ME $160 and a chunk of my afternoon.

I had a blowout today in the minivan. The tire was covered under a road hazard claim and two others needed to be replaced because of tread separation. So, in the end, I bought one tire. Of course, some of the lug nuts were stripped, so throw in a new set of those. One lug post is stripped also. Obviously, The minivan needs an alignment. AND the freaking wheel covers/hubcaps are trash, so we need a new set of those.

Plus, after putting the spare tire on while sitting on the side of the freeway at rush hour, THE @#($ing van would not start. So while we are getting the other stuff done, throw in a charging system check and maybe a new battery.

Now I am starting to wonder, what else is gonna break. Rick let me know what is going on with the Miata so I can have a heads up, OK?

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Rick said...

If you will please read today's blog entry you will see that your brakes will be needing some work soon.