Saturday, September 04, 2004

17 Weeks Until Christmas, And FYI, AtHomeDaddy is CHEAP!

AtHomeDaddy has started thinking about your Christmas gift. The Boss Lady started getting Christmas catalogs in the mail this week, and AtHomeDaddy actually saw Christmas displays going up at Lowes. Nothing like The Christmas Season lasting a quarter of the year.

So here are a few of my gift ideas:

For those of you who do not know your butt from a hole in the ground...The Butt/Face Towel
My guess, AtHomeDaddy will be giving a lot of these!

For our mathematically challenged friends with a sweet tooth Penny Candy
50 pieces for $13.80? Shouldn't that make it 27.6 Cent Candy?

For Sis, quiet possibly the most sacrilegious Nativity in her collection

For The Mother of the Bride, A decoration for your home, I'll let you decide which is most special

And for the frat boys up the street, I think they need to pursue a higher-minded skill, like chess
It might be a little more challenging to check-mate when you see two kings

Don't fit into one of these categories? Don't worry, I'll find you something nice...

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