Friday, September 24, 2004

SUPER HAROLD to the Rest of You!

The Talker has a secret identity.

SUPER HAROLD has been hanging around our house for a couple of weeks, but he has been kind of sporadic about his visits. Tonight, The Talker made his transformation into SUPER HAROLD and the entire family went out for a walk. Actually, since we were trying to ensure that our 2 1/2 year old super hero did not cross the street without help, AtHomeDaddy had to go for a run.

SUPER HAROLD is not a character that we know much about. We have no idea where the name came from. The Talker became SUPER HAROLD one afternoon when he put a long blue piece of scrap fabric on his head.

SUPER HAROLD is very similar to The Talker's Racecar Man. Anytime he sits on the potty chair and covers his head with a bath towel hanging from the rack above, he becomes a Racecar Man. But Racecar Man is sedentary and only hangs out in the bathroom at night.

On the other hand, SUPER HAROLD has the run of the AtHomeFamily estate and one never knows when SUPER HAROLD will make an appearance. Tonight was his first forray into crime fighting on the mean streets of the neighborhood. And since SUPER HAROLD was about to go on patrol, AtHomeDaddy fashioned a cape out of the blue satin cloth scrap.

I say SUPER HAROLD was going on patrol, but actually, we don't even know what SUPER HAROLD does. He might fight crime or put out forrest fires or fly helecopters or...

In regards to this information, The Talker ain't talking.

So, if you see the flash of a blue satin cape running through your town, please know that you are safe, because SUPER HAROLD is on duty. But please make sure someone holds his hand when he crosses the street.

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