Saturday, September 18, 2004

On The Road Again and Again and

Because I know you are worried, a quick update on the tot-toter.

New Battery $80 The biggest that would fit Monster Garage style.
New Wheel Covers $20 - NOT Monster Garage style.
Destroying My Youthful Ego - FREEBIE!

Turns out that you can buy plastic wheel covers for $20 a set up to $80 bucks a set. The extra $50 will get you some nice spinners or LED lights like these. I wanted to hold out for the Iron Cross spinners, but I needed the van looking top-notch this by afternoon. Or I could have gone with the Mobile light show. Righteous! But again, these would not be ready for our trip to The Boss Lady's staff picnic this afternoon.

When it was all said and done, I ashamedly plunked down my $20 on some plastic that looked easy to clean. Cleanability. Yep, that was the deciding factor. And as I was walking to the van I was wondering, am I really this old?

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