Thursday, September 16, 2004

Wanna Mess Up Your Own Brain?

The Queen Mother and Dad will be proud to know that The Talker is currently infatuated with a tape of Disney songs that includes the classic I'm My Own Grandpa. Everytime we get in the van, he wants to hear this tape.

Add that to the book that I am currently reading, which happens to include lots of information about polygamy and the family structures that result from guys marrying their own step-daughters.

While we are riding in the van this morning, I'm My Own Grandpa comes on and I am sitting there wondering if I should let my son hear this song that espouses (pun fully intended, I worked hard for it, so I want credit) fundamental Mormon theology.

But the option was to hear The Talker whining and wanting the music back on, so we just sang along.


Anonymous said...

what's the name of that disney tape your kid likes? i'm trying to find it.

Mike said...

I'll have to look for it