Monday, September 06, 2004

Puke on You, Joe's Crabshack

Eating dinner at Joe's, the AtHomeFamily and The Queen Mother and Dad. Having a great time, watching the kids across the room dancing. The Talker looked like he was not feeling 100%, but earlier he had been playing and feeling fine. So we ate.

The best part, The Princess fell asleep in my arms. This is a rarity. This girl will only sleep with her mommy holding her. So I am having a good meal, because this cute thing is neither screaming or crying AND she is sleeping in my arms. I would not even share her with The Queen Mother, because this is a moment for the history books.

Finally, I gave in and abdicated the baby to The Queen Mother. Almost immediately, The Boy went off like a fire sprinkler. AtHomeDaddy can handle anything but barf. So there I am, trying to not throw up on The Talker while I am helping get him cleaned up. We managed to get out of the restaurant with out AtHomeDaddy puking on a staff member. That cannot be said about the boy.

Good thing we 'hit' before the lunch rush.

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