Thursday, September 09, 2004

Happy Anniversary, Boss Lady

Today is AtHomeDaddy's and The Boss Lady's ninth anniversary. She could have avoided a lot of this had she only run a credit check before the wedding... Instead she's gotten nine years of bliss that included:

6 places to live, including one pop-up camper

6 different cars, 0 with more than 200hp

1 Mini Cooper fascination that has spread through the entire family

4 pets - Ok, 3 pets and one evil cat-thing

2 rounds of major cat surgeries

3 degrees - 2 for her, one for me

3,567,345 Dr Peppers

2 radio contests won

1 less gall bladder than we started with

2 washing machines, including one that fell from a 3rd floor porch

1 dryer that now sounds like it wants to take a suicide leap, too

1 backpacking trip that proved the value of a good tent

4 jobs for The Boss Lady, 8 counting summer gigs

4 for AtHomeDaddy, 5 if this gig counts

And most importantly -

2 wonderful kids that gave AtHomeDaddy a reason to be

Thanks Boss Lady, CBH

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