Wednesday, September 22, 2004

$2 First mile, $.75 Every 3/32 a Mile Thereafter

The Talker is getting a college fund! I decided tonight that there will be no more free rides, even if I do need the exercise. See, I take The Talker out for a ride once in a while in his bike trailer. But when the trailer comes out, I must give a ride to every kid in the neighborhood.

This evening The Talker was already playing at a neighbor's house by the time I got the bike and trailer ready. I thought several of the neighbor kids were going to cry when I told them that The Talker would get to take the first ride. That did it.

So, from now on, if I am hauling your whiny brat around the neighborhood on a 3 hour tour, then I am cashing in. No credit card accepted. No discount for multiple riders. I'm too fat to encourage that. And for dang sure, NO REFUNDS! But I will take a check because I know where you live.

1 comment:

Justa Dad said...

There you go!
Don't forget the fuel charge. (I'd collect that in Dr. Pepper)