Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Play Deck and the Patio Umbrella

First off, 65-0, in the end, Directv got my $30 so that I could sit at home with sick children and enjoy the game. Good thing I am really a UT fan at heart. Now, let's never speak of it again. Go UT, beat OU, for once, PLEASE! Go UNT , beat the hell outta Baylor, again! Several weeks until either of those games, so not likely to make many football posts for a while.

AtHomeDaddy took advantage of having The Boss Lady around today. I finished
the neighbor's patio umbrella repairs and it looks like new, with the exception that all of the moving parts were originally riveted together and I don't have a rivet gun. I finally decided, after and hour or two cruising the little hardware store by our house, to use small carriage bolts and stop nuts to make the repairs. Should work great and if not, I won't have to grind through a bunch of rivets next time.

The play deck, DONE!

A one day project that actually went as planned. Nice! I decided at the last minute to build it a little smaller, 5x6 instead of the originally planned 6x6. It looks a lot better, and it fit easier on the hillside. The Talker had a blast this evening hanging out on his deck. I think I will double up on the floorboards. The floorboards I am using are re-cycled from other projects. No real risk, though. The highest part of the deck is less than 10" off of the grass. Most of it is only 3 1/2 inches high.

I posted a picture of The Talker playing on 'His deck'. Look for it on his page. Email me if you need the address. I'll send you the address if I like you.

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