Thursday, September 30, 2004

What You Can Buy With 88 Quarters

The Talker loves to pick up loose change around the house. It is one of his favorite Reasons to go visit The Queen Mother's house. That place is like the US Mint, change everywhere.

This morning, after raiding the baseball bank for quarters, we headed out to Target and the grocery store. Here is what we bought on our quarter-fueled shopping spree:

At Target:

A new teether rattle for The Princess
A scooter for The Talker - 1/2 Price on clearance
A bottle of shampoo for The Boss Lady

At the grocery store:

2 Dr Pepper 3 liter bottles
A pound of american cheese
A 1/2 pound of ham - FREEBIE with coupon

Yes the cashiers were annoyed, but they really were doing a huge public service. Everyone in the store was about to get a peep at my drawers, because my pants were sagging from the weight of the quarters. So for the public good, the cashiers took the quarters.

What a load of excitement! Plus, the next time The Talker decides to empty his bank all over his bedroom, like he did last Sunday before church, it won't take nearly as long to pick up all of the change.

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