Tuesday, September 14, 2004

My Dear People

The following line, from my previous post was not intended to get anyone talking about another child for this household - especially grandmothers or know-it-all-neighbors.

Can we use that with Kid #3?

Sorry to get your hopes up. I want to make sure this is public knowledge because I like my bed. Just look at this email I got from The Boss Lady:

OK, the public discussion of a #3 makes my stomach ache... I'm gonna slap you stupid if you are talking about another now...

Otherwise, your ass will be sleeping on the couch and my last name will really become work--Work you like a dog!

Now, get on with your lives and quit gossiping about the AtHomeFamily. I have to finish cleaning the kitchen and dining room, I better get some laundry done, too. Just to be safe.

Sorry Boss Lady.

By the way, I found the smell. It was a mix of piled up dirty dishrags from a kitchen cleaning gone horribly wrong over the weekend and a beef-jerky-fest on the dehydrator.

Yes, it stinks, but I am still going to eat it. What could happen?