Thursday, September 09, 2004

AtHomeDaddy's Helpful Household Hints - Vol 1

When your lovely wife bakes a nice chicken dinner and you get up the next morning to clean up the kitchen, do not try to take the easy way out. Just throwing the baking pan into the dishwasher, will not work!

Oh, the dish will come clean, but the remnants that looked too burned on to scrub off of the pan WILL come loose, too. They will eventually land on the heating element and during the dry cycle you WILL learn what burned chicken smells like.

Take the time to scrub the pan and make your life easier. Your keys will be easily found, the doors will be unlocked and your car will start. And your whole house will not smell like burned-on death.

I guarantee it.

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Justa Dad said...


That’s a bad day.

I once accidentally flooded our garage.
Thanks to a shop broom, a good sized box fan, and my trusty leaf blower I was able to dry up the evidence of my stupidity in under an hour. (Just before my wife got home, whew!)

Hang tough, and Happy Anniversary!