Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The Boss Ladies are at Work, Let the Party Begin

This morning, The AtHomeTrio is meeting up with KB and his son while they are in town. KB's Boss Lady had to go to a meeting and The Boss Lady is at work, so the 5 of us remaining are going to the park. Afterwards, we are going to hang out here and trash the house during naptime.

The Talker is very excited about playing with KB and "That Boy". But, he always gets excited to see people who bring him new toys. "That Boy", is now tops on The Talker's list, because he came over last night with new fire trucks for The Talker!

I am pretty sure that The Boss Lady talked to The Princess last night about acting like a lady. Just because she is running around town today with 3 handsome guys and KB, does not mean she should start acting like KB or her daddy.

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