Saturday, September 11, 2004

Knock Knock Knockin' on Death's Door

Classic Rock on my mind? Yeah, a little, since I managed to go to my first guitar class this week. The first riff we worked on was some little 8 note blues thing inspires by Led Zep - or so the instructor says.

Actually though, AtHomeDaddy has just faced his own mortality this week. Turns out The Boss Lady's virus was not done with us last weekend. AtHomeDaddy was sick Thursday night after rocking out at guitar class.

The upside - I realized that I am not a total slug with kids, at least not most of the time. Yesterday, I WAS a total slug. Slept on the couch while the baby alternated between the swing and the exer-saucer. The Talker was watching a stack of DVD's. Yeah, I know, a real nurturing environment. Let's hope genetics helps make up for the lousy dad-ing they got yesterday!

(See, even in a weakened state, I can still make up words. Maybe AtHomeDaddy should run for office)

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