Monday, September 27, 2004

All is Quiet at Home

Friday afternoon The AtHomeTrio hit Costco to pick up a few things, especially the new Ray Charles CD, Genius Loves Company. From what I have managed to listen to, this is one awesome disc and you should add it to your collection. But, it has taken me 3 days to listen to the first seven tracks. So you might want to seek out someone else's more knowledgeable opinion. I hope that I will get to actually hear the entire disc before winter comes.

This is one of the things that I have gotten the least used to after kids. It is a good thing that the stereo system is tied into the TV and satellite system. Otherwise, it would never get used. A perfectly good, and full, 200 disc CD player and a decent tuner/amp sitting idle is a real shame. It is hard to just veg out to Cowboy Junkies or Robert Earl Keen at a low enough volume that I don't wake the kids. So there it sits, nice, quiet and not waking anyone up. My stereo.

I did get a nice surprise from The Boss Lady, The Star Wars Trilogy DVD 4 disc set, widescreen edition, of course. I sat down to watch Star Wars last night, once the kids were in bed. But listening to Star Wars at half volume just did not do it for me, guess I need to wait for the weekend to watch... but I also have to watch when the Talker is gone since he would be scared by some of the best creatures. So, maybe I'll get to watch the set when the kids are in high school.

AtHomeDaddy got a pass this weekend and went to see The UT Longhorns whip Rice. All of the people around were asking me to "sit down and shut-up", but this was the first time I was able to make noise in a month, so there I was screaming louder than the entire student section. I should have taken a portable CD player or DVD player with me. Then I could have really jammed out to my new discs without waking anyone up, except maybe the Rice defense.

By the way, I worked up a bunch of links for this post, but they were bugging out, so I took em' out. Do your own searching, next time.


Justa Dad said...

Well it makes me feel better to know that I’m not the only one who has problems watching movies. I use to love watching movies, now with kids and all, the only time I can watch one of “my” shows (Starwars, Indiana Jones, LOTR, etc…) is when the girls are in bed, and Momma is in bed, and the dogs have been fed. Then, I have the TV to myself. I still can’t turn it up too loud, (no big Booms’). I’ve gotten into the habit of turning on the subtitles. At first I didn’t like it, now I find it helps me follow the movie better. (Hey, I'm kinda slow that way.)

P.S. I let the girls watch RETURN OF THE JEDI at the age of 5, last year. My wife wanted to shoot me, cause they both fell in love with it and wanted to watch it all the time. The other movies may still be a little too scary for them

Mike said...

Yeah, I like the sub titles, too especially on a widescreen DVD, where the text does not cut into the picture.

I think the subtitles on the new Star Wars DVD are goofed-up. I kept trying to use them the other night and the only thing that would show was an occaional word or two.