Thursday, September 16, 2004

Monster Truck Momma

This morning, The AtHomeTrio headed out to The Boss Lady's school for a car swap. The Talker loves riding in Momma's Car, a 10 year old station wagon, because it is novel and cooler than the minivan.

We took her car for it's annual state check-up. When the inspector drove off The Talker was sitting beside me screaming

"That's MY Momma's car!"

Just as I got him calmed down, the guy drove back around the building and screaming started over. We watched him finish up, but The Talker was still ticked off.

Driving back to the school to swap vehicles again, The Talker let me in on a secret. Seems his mother has a little bit of road-rage. Not the parent most of you would have suspected, right?

It went like this:

I asked Who's car do you like more?
He answered Momma's, It's FAST!
Momma drives fast?
Yeah, FAST! Crush those cars, Monster Truck!

Then he started telling me about the Sprite he got to drink at dinner last night. The shared insight into my drag-racing car-crushing wife was over as suddenly as it started.

But, I always suspected. There was that time she tackled a school bus with her brand new car. And the time she hit a woman who just had a heart-attack (Scratch that - that was me, but it was in HER car). Then the time she drove her car into the side of a bar at 2 in the afternoon. On a school day. On school business. And her hatred of silver BMW's and SUV's (Oh wait, me again).

Yep, the signs were there all along. Just to be safe, I think I'll double check the kid's seats in her car tonight. Better make sure they are strapped in real tight for the next monster truck rally.

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