Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Current Reading List

A lot of blogs contain a list of books that the writers are currently reading, so I think I'll let you in on my list once in a while.

Last week I started on Under the Banner of Heaven, A Story of Violent Faith, by John Krakauer. Here are some links to reviews:

Review 1
Review 2

Normally, I would not delve into a book about Fundamentalist religion, but I have read lots of things by Krakauer and have enjoyed them all. But most importantly, the central group in this book is currently building a compound in West Texas and the entire process has been very intriguing. Here is a link to the newspaper articles at The Eldorado Success.

That, sadly, is my entire reading list. Usually I am jumping between a couple of books at once. Worse? I have been working on the first ten chapters for a week already. Normally this book would have taken me a night or two.

My take-away from this book? Books and 5 month-old babies don't mix.

Deep insight, right? Hope you can use that sometime.

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