Monday, September 13, 2004

He Calls 'Em Like He Sees 'Em

Today, while riding around in the van, AtHomeDaddy and The Talker were practicing our emergency information. He answered perfectly every question I asked.

An example:

AtHomeDaddy: Boy, what is your name?

The Talker: My name is The Talker Boy.
He answered with first, middle and last names.

AHD: What street do you live on? Again, perfect answers.

AHD: What is your Mommy's name? and so on...

Tonight at dinner I wanted him to show off for mommy, so I asked

AtHomeDaddy: What is your last name? He answered perfectly, just like this afternoon

AHD: What is Mommy's last name?

And he yells out, "WORK!"

I thought she was going to cry, right at the dinner table. Ah, good times...

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