Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Guilt in the 2nd Degree

Most nights, when the Talker is heading to bed, he comes into the kitchen to put his milk cup in the refrigerator. This is when he tells me good night and usually something like 'Thanks, Daddy, for playing trucks. It is always nice and sincere.

Recently, this has also included gratitude for popsicles since The Talker gets an Otter Pop occasionally for snack after dinner. Tonight, he got no Otter Pop after dinner, because he ate no dinner. When The Talker came to tell me good night, he let me know that he remembered getting the shaft.

"Thanks, Daddy, for no popsicles" was all he would tell me. The best part, though was that he said it exactly the same way he says the nice stuff on other nights.

A little sarcasm form the 2 year old, perhaps?

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