Thursday, September 30, 2004

Can You Tell Me Why...

The Princess decided to stay awake until 4pm this afternoon, completely blowing-off her 2pm nap? And what in heck was The Talker doing this afternoon when he got up from his nap and he kept calling the piano bench "Momma"?

I am pretty sure I was not hallucinating. The boy called the piano bench "Momma". Several times. He even hugged it once.

I would like to know why.

I think.

But right now I am too busy guessing why he is running naked through the back yard. I'll worry about the piano bench later.


Justa Dad said...

Are you sure some EVIL force hasn't been giving the boy Mr.PIBB behind your back?
I hear those are common side effects from prolonged exposure.

Mike said...

Maybe I should wake him up and take him to get his stomach pumped, just to be safe...