Saturday, October 02, 2004

He Still Ain't No Harold Taft*

Last night the entire AtHomeFam headed to a park to watch an outdoor showing of Shrek 2. The Talker had been excited about getting to see the movie and getting to stay up late, since the movie started at 8pm.

The weather forecast showed a little storm activity for overnight, but the early evening was just supposed to be cloudy. They stated the movie a little early, and everything was going great. The Talker was having a blast and was following the movie pretty well, too.

About an hour into the movie The Talker laid down on the blanket. I asked him if he wanted to leave and he said "yes". But then he sat up and started watching the show. After a few minutes we asked again and he said that he was ready to go. So we headed home.

At the car, while we were loading the kids into their seats, it started sprinkling. By the time we were out of the parking lot it was raining pretty good. While driving home, I was watching for Noah's Ark to float by with The Big White Dog aboard. But, thanks to The Talker's new found weather forecasting ability, we were all nice and dry.

*If you don't know Harold Taft, then you didn't live in Ft. Worth/ Dallas in the 70's. All the cool people watched him, not that dork in the bow tie on the other channel.

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