Friday, October 08, 2004

Five Grandparents in Five Days

We live 3 1/2 hours away from The Talker's and The Princess' grandparents. Head almost any direction and eventually you will run into a grandparent. The Queen Mother and Dad to the Northwest, The Mother of the Bride to the Northeast and Pops to the Southeast.

This arrangement has certain advantages. For example, it is nice, when annoyed by The Boss Lady's mother-in-law to know that the 200 mile buffer zone keeps her from hearing what I say about her. But, the kids do not have nearly enough access to granny and gramps. This week was nice, because The Talker and The Princess saw all of their grandparents and one great-grandmother.

Of course, only one of the grandparents handed out any cash, so you others better get with it. You can send checks or use my Paypal account. You don't really want me to explain that Dad loves The Talker and The Princess more than their other three grandparent's love them, do you?

By the way, I do know that I linked to the same page five times, but the link actually works this time, so I wanted to stick with it!

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