Sunday, October 10, 2004

Dryer Repair, Take Two

Scratch all of that stuff about me fixing the dryer in the last post. I did indeed fix the first problem, but after a couple of loads, the dryer has a new AND LOUDER squeal. But, thanks to Appliance Repair I am sure that I know what the problem is. No, it was not my repair yesterday, that was definitely necessary. Monday, The AtHomeTrio will be off to the parts store to buy a rear bearing kit, an idler pulley, and a new belt, Then, we will dry away our days in quiet bliss. I just hope The Boss Lady isn't planning on me getting the dryer back together until at least November 1, of 2017.

Really though, what's another $60 to ensure tranquility and family harmony? Sounds like a great deal, to me.

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