Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Park Run

This morning, The Talker wanted to "go to the park to see the guys". That is AtHomeTrio speak for "I want to go to the SAHDs playdate at the park." So I did my daddly duty and drove The Princess and The Talker to the park. Only problem, I drove to the park that we are meeting at on Wednesday. Seeing as it will be Tuesday for another 9 hours, it was obvious, we were at the wrong park. No chance we were moving though, once The Talker saw the playscape.

He had a blast and I enjoyed scaring the mommies that were at the park. All but two of the moms took their kids to play around the backside of the park when we arrived. Of course, that just meant that AtHomeDaddy had to quietly encourage The Talker wanted to play on that same side of the park!

I really don't care if anybody speaks to me at the park. I am there to keep the boy and girl safe and entertained. But if you try to keep your kids away from The Talker, you can bet that he will be playing with your brat in a very few minutes.

It is going to be really fun on Wednesday, when the SAHDs group meets at that park. I bet one of these chicks blows a gasket when 10 or 15 dads descend or her turf. It should be a good show.

That is, if we can just remember to go to the right park this time!

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