Friday, October 15, 2004

Friday Night Football

The Talker is finally getting his first dose of High School Football tonight. About 2 years too late, by my calculations. We are heading out to watch a game that does not even involve the High School for our neighborhood, but, they stink, and I want The Talker to see good football. So we are making the drive. Should be a blast, the stadium is brand new and bigger than the UNT stadium when I started there.

Football is in direct opposition to the dress-up that The Boss Lady is currently playing with The Princess. Did you know they make velcro bows for babies who have too little hair to support a bow? Well, I did not know either until 2 minutes ago. I guess The Talker and I will go watch football and The Princess and The Boss Lady will sit at the stadium and do their hair and gossip while ignoring the game. Now that is what I really remember Friday football being all about.


Justa Dad said...

You learn that boy right!

There is just something about cool Fall nights, and watching a high school football game. We just got in a couple hours ago from a game. It was a great 2A high school match up. Our home team lost, but hey, it’s Friday night football.

Mike said...

Now that I remember, this was his second or third High School Football game. We went two or three times during his first fall, when he was 8-10 months old. Glad I remembered that. I thought I was a bad dad for a little while...