Sunday, October 31, 2004

Getting a Response

Check out the comments after my last blog entry, AtHomeDaddy: Our Day, at a Glance. To see the comments, scroll down, past the blog entry, then take a gander at Miki's comment.

Was I a little too hard on my newest fan? Or is AtHomeDaddy's bad mood due to the fact that allergy season has been running (get it, running, like your nose is running...) since March without let-up, thanks to a wet summer?

Whatever. Thanks for the parenting advice. I REALLY, truly appreciate it. No kidding. Ok, that is a lie, I am kidding, I don't appreciate it and I stand by my original "Shut up and go away".

I may delete the comment later, but for now, I'll do the immature thing and just make fun of it.

Besides all of that, was she OK with me drugging the baby? Does she like boys, not girls? Why not gripe about Mr Infant Drugs? Scary, don't you think?

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