Sunday, October 17, 2004

Birthday Party Day

Due to his enormous personality, The Talker was invited to simultaneous birthday parties yesterday. And since we strive to be over-achieving parents, we devised THE WEEKEND PLAN so that he would make both of them. One party was for Sis' 4 year-old daughter, so AtHomeDaddy's' entire family would be there. The other party, held at a gymnastics studio, was for a 3 year old neighbor. After the last party at this gym, The Talker slept for 12 hours. The boy was WORN out, so we really wanted him to go to that party, too.

After the hour and half drive to Sis' house, we were going to stay an hour and head straight to the gym party. 3 hours in the car, what fun for us all! Luckily, The Talker is smarter than his parents. When it was time to leave, he wanted to stay at his cousin's party. So we did. Instead of leaving at 12:30pm, we left for home at 9:15pm. 8 hours and 45 minutes later than set-forth in THE WEEKEND PLAN.

A 10 hour party for a 4 year old? Yep. Way to pick you party, Talker. The gym would have likely kicked us out after two hours... AND, Sis provided an endless supply of Dr Pepper with real Imperial Pure Cane Sugar. Bet they don't have that at the gym... Kudos to you, Sis.


Rick said...

That Dr. Pepper must have come from Dublin Texas. I saw a thing of TV a few years ago that claimed the DP made in Dublin Texas was the only DP still made using the original recipe which included actual sugar. The rest of the world has switched to using corn syrup because it is cheaper.

Anonymous said...

That's Dublin Dr. Pepper! You must admit that the "Talker" is a smart one and takes after the wife. He knows that's the good stuff and the party was happening right there! He is looking out for you Daddy!