Sunday, October 17, 2004

Bass Fishing or Making Deer Mad

After church, I had planned to head straight over to the lake for a little fishing. I need to warm up a little for this coming weekend. We are headed to Pop's house Friday afternoon and I plan on fishing his new dock all weekend long.

The couch was calling my name so I decided that I would be a better fisherman after a little snooze. When I woke from my cat-nap, two hours later, the afternoon was gone. No fishing today.

So I headed out front to start re-working the flowerbeds. Everything I planted this spring was supposed to be 'deer-resistant', but 'deer-attractant' would have been a more truthful label. So out with all of the chomped flowers and bulbs and in with more nandina and rosemary. Since I already have these in the yard, I KNOW the deer leave them alone. The deer don't like the smell or oils in the rosemary, so we have lots of it in the front yard. Now we have even more.

I don't really like the smell of the rosemary plants, either, but it beats having the entire herd hanging out like we are running a soup kitchen for Bambi and all of his friends.

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