Saturday, October 02, 2004

A Peek Into the Mind of AtHomeDaddy

Wanna get scared? Check out the new right side column of this blog. You will now find AtHomeDaddy's Current Reading list, a list of books most Recently Read and a listing of books that I am Waiting to Read. Currently, the lists contain 3 works by the same author. Get used to it because that is AtHomeDaddy's way. Find something you like and stick with it until boredom sets in or until something more interesting comes along.

By the way, feel free to Post A Comment to suggest a book.



Mike said...
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Mike said...

This thing work?

Lucidream said...

A Book suggestion - Angela's Ashes by Franck McCourt
You may have heard of the movie. Don't let that be the reason you dont read the book. This book is too hilarious, and close to the heart, based on a true story of a child's misadventures and hardship in Northern Ireland before WWII. (It really gave me an appreciation of family, and my life here in America.) This is a sure fire hit! Love your blogg by the way!