Thursday, October 28, 2004

Uncle Lemon, Meet Mr. Lemon

Uncle Lemon is a pretty important guy around here. He gave the Talker golf clubs which are used everytime we venture into the backyard. The Talker mentions Uncle Lemon everytime we see baseball on TV. And now Uncle Lemon has soared to a new high-status level in The AtHomeFamily house.

The story begins with an early morning run for Dr Pepper. (A personal thanks to Uncle Lemon for that one!) The kids were very good at the grocery store. As we were walking to the cash registers, I saw a bin of rubber balls for 50 cents each. Since AtHomeDaddy is a sucker for a toy that costs less than a buck, the kids each ended up with a new ball. The Talker picked one for his siter and then one for himself. Awwwwww.

The best part. The balls have faces and names painted on them. The red one is Mr. Strawberry. (He smells funny, but I think he is supposed to be scented like strawberries.) The green one is Mr. Lemon. (Green? I don't know why, it just is. Guess he is not ripe. Yes, he smells funny, too!) The Talker immediately announced "Daddy, It's Mr. Lemon, NOT Uncle Lemon." He told the cashier and the bagger the same thing. And I just left it with no explanation. I'll let them try to figure it out when they get bored...

He was very insistent that no one mix up the two. So here is the lowdown. Uncle Lemon, tall, brown hair and he may play baseball for a living. Mr. Lemon, round, green and could make his living as a baseball. Don't mix 'em up unless you want to face the wrath of The Talker.

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