Monday, October 04, 2004

Trip Re-cap

These are things that The Talker told me he saw today on our trip into the country:

Great MaMa
Horses - One was named J.J.
Black cows
Red cows
Cows with horns
A donkey
Lucky, the cat
Two Bouvier dogs
A Blue Heeler cow dog, Scout
A Boston Terrier dog, Scooter
A Miniature Schnauzer dog
Lots and lots of trucks
"That big hole" - A strip mine
Lots of tractors at "that big hole"
A HUGE crane at "that big hole"
Bananas growing on a tree
A motorcycle

These are things that AtHomeDaddy did not see this trip:

Jumper cables
A lug wrench
A car jack
A tow truck
The tree that I nearly backed into at my Great Aunt's house

This is something I almost saw on this trip:

Bro's Uncle launching a 1985 Oldsmobile off of a flat bed trailer and over a 1988 Suburban at 40 miles an hour. Maybe, if he had been going 45mph...

All in all, a successful trip and a nice quick visit with lots of family.

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