Sunday, October 03, 2004

Major Crisis Brewing for The AtHomeFamily

I have been searching for four days for a missing CD. This is not just any CD mind you, I have plenty of those. This is my copy of The Trinity Sessions by The Cowboy Junkies. A serious loss, I assure you.

See, I bought this CD right after High School graduation. It was one of my first discs. Some kids took the money they got for graduation and saved it for fall tuition. Me? I went and bought a CD player and 4 discs. Of those 4 discs, this is the only one that remains in my collection. Honestly, I can't even remember what the other three CDs were, I just remember not having enough money to buy the player and 5 discs.

Yes, my cat during college, Margo was indeed named after the lead singer, Margo Timmins. There, now you know the truth that I have hidden since 1989.

For at least 10 years I listened to this disc almost every night at bedtime. It would not actually put me to sleep. I was almost always awake to hear the last chord of the last track, Walking After Midnight. After the disc ended, I would roll over and sleep like a baby.

Only since The Talker was born, have I stopped listening to this disc at night on a regular basis. But, once in a while...

Well, last Thursday was one of those 'once in whiles'. I stumbled to the CD player at midnight to give The Trinity Sessions a listen. And that is when I discovered another disc in its place. Slot 42 has held The trinity Sessions for as long as I have owned this CD player. Now, so other Cowboy Junkies disc is in slot 42 and The Trinity Sessions has gone AWOL.

We will now have a moment of silence for my missing copy of The Trinity Sessions. Let's all join hands and bow our heads...

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