Monday, October 11, 2004

Dryer Repair, Take Three, The Final Act

Dryer, DONE!

New parts installed, old parts trashed (Except the coolest looking one, it will be tortured and then hung on the wall beside the blow-torched washing machine timer, as another DIY trophy), lots of High-Temp grease and squeaks and squeals are all GONE!

We are doing a couple of very quiet celebratory loads of laundry tonight, big fun! And because I know that you are curious, here is a parts list from the Great Dryer Rebuild of '04:

New Belt - $18
New Idler Pulley - $18
New Bearing Kit - $31
New Top Felt and Glides - $30

Yeah, the parts were not cheap, but you can't beat the price on the labor. Besides that, we looked at new gas dryers, $350 and up! Mainly up...

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