Monday, October 18, 2004

Halloween Costume Hunt

Today, The AtHomeTrio headed out to the mall to hunt for the final piece for The Princess' Olivia the Pig costume. Did you know that it is really hard to find black and white striped tights for 6 month old girls?

You probably knew that. Because I am an idiot, I thought it would be a quick trip.

The Talker and I walked the entire mall, searching every kids store, shoe store or women's store - on the off chance that we might find Holy Grail of this year's Halloween costume, the elusive black and white stripped tights. Isn't it ironic that this time last year, I was searching for fuzzy red socks to finish off an Elmo costume...

The Good News, I found the tights! In the Halloween store, Duh. Yeah, probably should have looked there first, NOW you tell me.

The Bad News, They would fit a 10 year old girl. I guess The Boss Lady can figure out how to make them fit...

The Even Better News, The boy took a four hour nap. He was worn out!

The Worse News, The Princess was NOT worn out... I was betting she would not nap today.

The Greatest News of the Day, She still took a two hour nap!

Of course, I was totally unproductive during the nap-fest. The Talker wanted to sleep in "Daddy's Big Bed", so I could not get to the dirty laundry hamper. I was sure The Princess was going to wake up any minute, so I skipped all of the housework and watched a double header.

You gotta love October baseball... Go 'Stros!

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