Saturday, September 04, 2004

AtHomeDaddy Has a Job!

After all of these years, AtHomeDaddy has decided to take the advice of The Mother of the Bride. Of course, the job should only take an hour or so and one trip to Lowes, and it only pays $20 bucks, but hey, it is honest work.

The neighbor stopped by yesterday. Like rubber-necking a wreck, I can't resist finding out what task she needs help with.

Today's mission, installing a seat in her minivan. Sounds simple. Stupid Chevy Minivan... 45 minutes later, because of a lack of any instructions and a seat that has not been installed in 4 years, the seat is in and the neighbor has shelled out the usual Dr Pepper payment.

Then she remembers 'something else'. Once, the 'something else' was repairing a clock. Another 'else' was the lightbulb in the shower stall. And then there was the time I tried to figure out the solar water heater for her pool when I went over just to open a stuck cabinet... This time, though, the 'else' pays. She insists, since it is a holiday weekend...

Cabanna Boy AtHomeDaddy at your service, holiday schmoliday...

The wind caught her brand new pool umbrella and broke a couple of the structural ribs. Repair the umbrella? No problem. Any good Cabanna Boy knows that you gotta keep the customer happy if you want a good tip. Or in my case, you gotta keep the neighbor appeased or 'else'.

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