Thursday, September 30, 2004

Morning After Regrets

The entire neighborhood spilled out into a couple of front yards last night. Actually it was the entire neighborhood with children under 5. But these are the only neighbors we socialize with anymore. Still, it was 30 people or more. THIS is a breeding neighborhood. Says so right on the front gates.

Most of the parents were hanging out, but a couple of the older kids were not playing nice with The Talker, so I hung out in the middle of the action, playing referee.

One of the neighbor kids loves to be thrown in the air. She is almost 3 but weighs like 8 pounds, so she can soar! After tossing her around, all of the other kids wanted me to throw them up, too. Man that is quality writing... Knowing that I could not do that, I started spinning kids around one at a time. Every kid got several turns. I still feel like my head is riding a centrifuge. AND we are out of Dr Pepper. The children and I will be running to the grocery store in a while.

Maybe next time I'll act my age, but don't bet your Dr Pepper on it.

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