Monday, September 06, 2004

Today's Forecast - Sappy, Not Crappy

Today we ate lunch with Dad and The Queen Mother, who made a surprise sneak attack last night. Sitting at the restaurant, The Queen Mother told us about the first day of kindergarten, for one of my cousin's son's.

She was re-assuring the boy that his dad would pick him up from school before they went in, when he turned and asked something like 'Momma, who's gonna love me while I'm here?'

Damn, just rips at your heart strings, doesn't it. Seriously, this kid was able to verbalize the fear that I bet a lot of kids in his place are feeling. So teachers, watch out and be nice to The Talker's third cousin, because that boy is watching you, closely. And you don't want to tick off his momma...

We now return you to the usual useless crap.

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