Sunday, September 19, 2004

Hanging Out, AtHomeFamily Style

The AtHomeFamily hung out around the house most of the day. The Boss Lady and The Princess slept in while AtHomeDaddy and The Talker headed to church. We ate lunch and hit the grocery store in the early afternoon. Not very exciting you say? Hah.

You see we were together in the minivan. Living on the edge, because we are rebels. Managed to complete all of our running around with out blowing any tires or needing to bum a jump start! Now that is excitement. OK, it isn't but we are boring.

Deal with it.

AtHomeDaddy headed over to the quarry to go fishing while the others took naps. It was hot, but there is nice shade for me and the fish, so it was a successful two-hour trip. I saw the largest fist I have ever seen in a lake. It had no interest in any of my bait, but that is OK, too. Cause if I catch him, I have to deal with him. Since I was fishing from a little perch 8 feet above the water, that big ol' hog would probably pulled me into the water. I have heard about the 6-8 pound bass in this quarry, now I believe!

Hopefully I'll head over there again soon and try to catch another peek at that big bass. If I am lucky, I won't end up in the water with him.

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