Friday, September 03, 2004

We Pre-empt this UT Football Season to Bring You a UNT Whoopin'

So this weekend is one that The Boss Lady dreads each year. College Football gets rolling big time tomorrow. The alma mater, UNT Mean Green have to endure a whoopin' from the home team Texas Longhorns so that they can cash a big fat check afterwards. I have to endure the game this Saturday, so that I can get back to following The 'Horns. No matter how I try... No matter how unlikely... No matter how many generations of my family have worn the Burnt Orange, I just can't root against the Mean Green.

Since the game is on pay-per view, and costs $20, I'll be heading to the bowling alley to watch the game. Will I show up wearing all of the UNT Forest Green I can find? Doubtful, but I won't show up wearing any of my Burnt Orange, either.

It's a good thing The Boss Lady could not give a flip. She might self-destruct, since she has placemats hanging on the wall from both schools.

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