Sunday, March 04, 2007


Oh dear god. The girl is running a fever. And the boy may have an ear infection, cause he is deaf as a post right now. The Pediatrician is getting a double dose of us in the morning.

108 hours until we leave town for 10 days.

AtHomeDaddy is now praying for the 24 hour flu or maybe even an 18 hour variety. We need non-sick kids for this car ride. But I will pass on toxic kid germs to the mouse if neccessary.


Working Gal said...

May the force (of Disney) be with you.

Angel said...

OMG....NOOOOOOO!!! I hope it's caught early enough and are well for the big trip. I'm pulling for you bud!

Angel said...

and of course for the little ones.... poor things.

Mike said...

Fluid in the ear and a cold. $120 worht of prescriptions at Costco and we will be good as new. In. 2. weeks.

Yep, off the meds righ after we get home from the trip!

Yeah for road trip medications!