Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mopping Day.

Is this what your living room looks like on mopping/vacuuming day? 'Cause I think I might have over done it this morning. Especially considering that it is still raining and the dog is outside. Which means that the nice clean tile will be a muddy mess later this afternoon.

Sorry the picture is out of focus.
Thanks to no Dr Pepper in two days, everything seems a little blurry.

When we left for Disney World the house was pretty well clean and organized. No way did I want the neighbor who was watching the pets to know what kind of slobs we really are. I knew that the house would be messy after the pets were cooped up for that many days and the robot-vac had not had a chance to play in the living room.

Turns out that the pet sitting neighbor took pity on us and vacuumed the hallway carpet once while we were gone. She got an extra $20 for that. And hopefully she will want to watch the pets next year when we go back to WDW.

OK, now that The Boss Lady is having a stroke from that last statement, I'll go a little further: this morning's cleaning festival has been brought to you by The Talker, who slept until 9 AM and Diego, who has kept The Princess' interest for an hour and a half. Next up, evicting the kids from the dining table and tackling the disaster area in there.

They will probably trash their bedrooms when I shoo them away from the table, but I can close those doors and not look in to see the mess. So it will be all good.

All finished. But for some reason it does not really look like there are three hours invested. And I really don't know how to account for the fact that I drew blood while mopping. Pinched my finger trying to turn off the kitchen sink.


Anonymous said...

You are so organized in your attack plan for the war on dirt. I'm more of a "wander around aimlessly and clean whatever catches my eye" sort of cleaner. Of course, I never draw blood when I clean, like you Mr. Dirt Warrior.

Leighton @ My Best Investments said...

You made that den your bit&h! Nice work!

Angel said...

Great job! Nice cleaning job!!!

AtHomeDaddy said...

MBI. That is just what I wasthinking about the whole deal.